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Nimlith's notebook


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Nimlith carries few things of value with her. A knife of chipped stone, a flask of tea, a pouch of spices. Her silver circlet. And this notebook, bound in unadorned leather, and writing utensils.

It is tightly filled with drawings and notes, mostly of unimportant-looking things such as flowers.










Although I try to be accurate in my descriptions and history, I am by no means an expert or even involved with the medical field. Herbal medicine is fickle at best and even if it works you could get side effects, environmental toxins in wild plants and misidentifications. I definitely DO NOT recommend you to go out and self-medicate with any of this!

These notes are ONLY for fun and enrichment of the LotRO world.

Disclaimer 2: Poem from HERE.))

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I hate to keep interrupting this beautiful thread, and I shan't do it again, but I just want to reiterate how wonderfully refreshing I find your work. Truly works of art. Thank you.

Aww, thank you! :$ I really don't mind comments, especially not ones as nice as yours! *hugs*

And I hope at least some of you find the pages useful for their RP and/or immersion as well ^^ Perhaps someday we could even make translated versions for the many German RPers on this forum?

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