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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


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Looks like the world is at the 10 million confirmed infected mark. The UK has about 300,000 of those (roughly 0.5% of the UK population, which explains why I still don't know anyone who was apparently infected), the vast majority of which are pensioners in hospitals and care homes. The care home figures caused because the government was getting the NHS to abandon elderly patients and throw them back into what became plague houses for an otherwise nosocomial virus.

From what I've heard, people don't even know what's going on any more. BLM protests for a foreign country's perceived problem are good. Going to the beach is bad. People are free to go out as long as they "stay alert". Except for Wales, where you'll be hit with fines that may or may not be legal, like England's fines may or may not have been legal. Normal schools are closed until teachers become immortal. Private schools are open this whole time because there's not really much of a risk to kids and their education is important. There's a vaccine going into trials, but no vaccine is on the horizon to set any plans to, and companies are scrabbling to be the ones to introduce tracking services (so-called "vaccination passes") and a host of other Nineteen Eighty-Four limits on personal freedoms being mulled over by the government. Plus Italy apparently had it months before they knew, so it's likely the UK did as well, which meant the lockdown was better at destroying the economy and pensioner health than stopping the inevitable spread, though the lockdown was apparently to help the NHS not get overwhelmed but was still in place even after it was understood that most hospitals were at less than half capacity.

If the plan was to turn western society into a verifiable clown world, they succeeded.

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well, on the other hand (but maybe that's how the media reports it), in Europe we have it sort of under control, in many other countries (USA, whole southern america, India) it appears to become a bigger problem every day;

It's brutal to the elderly/ those with health issues, but most people don't have serious issues; In a government report in the Netherlands last week they said that 98% had no serious health issues, 1,5% needed hospital care and 0,35% ICU care;

I think the main problem is that you don't want your health care collapsing, that will cause many more deaths than this virus; 


And I think we are just beginning to discover what measures help and which don't help; Being in the same room for a longer period ==> high risk; Being outside ==> almost no risk;
And if people stay at home when feeling ill, it probably prevents a lot more diseases from spreading

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Yes, they more than succeeded in making the West a clown zone. The whiplash-inducing hypocrisy of the media is just too much for words now. It's not even a question of pretending not to be lying or shilling for one side. The mask is off, figuratively, and literally - when in cultic BLM reveries on the streets, where the pandemic risk magically disappears. "By any means necessary" will Western civilization be destroyed. 

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Back in the UK, Boris Johnson is now blaming care homes for the high death toll. Those same care homes he had the NHS fill back up with infected patients to make room for a pandemic in the general public that never happened. He properly messed up with the lockdown situation, but this weak deflection is the icing on the cake.

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I'm so glad I'm an anti-social bastard. Have nothing compelling me to rush out just because some inept politician tells me the lockdown is being lifted or eased. The Atlanta Mayor doesn't know how she contracted covid-19, like the BLM march she joined with face covering was a complete barrier to it?  We've seen indented faces of nurses and doctors who are wearing the fitted respirators and PPE correctly and surviving.  Unless all breathing is filtered it's not going to be enough if you're in a room thick with virus.

But I get the face coverings limiting spread, my cough isn't bound by any 2 meter rule. But a face covering is likely to force your breath into channels around you so sitting next to others rather than opposite as is suggested for distancing will be worse when covered. But the media is showing just how bad people in the west are at face coverings; ill-fitted and loose, touching them and not keeping up distancing.  

I'm happy to leave all the worlds respirators to healthcare workers so that they are still around when I get infected. Hopefully my local hospital will have bought some ECMOs before then.

In the mean time; I can duct tape four layers of kitchen paper to my face and cover with a style mask if I'm tempted out. It maybe won't filter the virus it may filter what the virus is piggy backing. If you can steam up your glasses or a mirror just breathing then it's of little use.  



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On 7/7/2020 at 1:05 AM, Doro said:

Back in the UK, Boris Johnson is now blaming care homes for the high death toll. Those same care homes he had the NHS fill back up with infected patients to make room for a pandemic in the general public that never happened. He properly messed up with the lockdown situation, but this weak deflection is the icing on the cake.

Another cheer leader/deflector. In normal times we could ask if this could have been handled worse. Should we not feel fortunate we are this side of the pond at least?

For care home work you either have a calling for it and the "caring" and heartstring pulling may take precedence over adherence to clinical processes or draw in the less able given the staffing shortfalls.  They were setup to fail, but then the UK's Governments tends to discriminate by age a lot. Even the NHS is more about treating symptoms to get the tax-payer back paying taxes than curing our ills though they rush to it when a death is on the cards. But it grows the morbidity in the populous and that's coming home to roost now.

I don't think Boris makes the top 10 of the world's most dangerous man though. He's just not good enough at it.







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21 hours ago, Macdui101 said:

Even the NHS is more about treating symptoms to get the tax-payer back paying taxes than curing our ills though they rush to it when a death is on the cards.

The NHS is probably the best example against universal healthcare that could be found. When it's as flabby, ineffective, and over-relied on as it is, everyone ends up with shit service that (as you say) is less concerned with fixing problems and more concerned with band-aids to keep the tax sources grinding away.

Ironically, by forcing a nationwide house arrest on millions of innocent people to "flatten the curve" so the NHS can cope, the NHS is now struggling with a massive backlog of people who fortunately did survive not being able to have regular appointments for the last few months. Lucky they did it when less than half a percent of the population got sick, so that they're really fucked if larger numbers get infected in the coming months.

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6 hours ago, cossieuk said:

Why do people have such a problem wearing a mask in shops.  Some of the shit they are spouting is bonkers

I'm against them for a number of reasons, some comfort (I tried to wear a mask once and it genuinely makes it hard to breathe, like every breath is hot and feels limited), but mostly out of principle. The combination of masks not really being effective, nobody needing them for months, the government making up shit as it goes, most people not being a concern even if infected because they're asymptomatic, virus predictions based on faulty models, the main source of infections being hospitals and nursing homes not supermarkets, society functioning perfectly well with the countless other diseases we've risked catching before, and the general attempts at authoritarian control over people's lives, etc., has turned a mask into less of a tool for limiting spread of coughs/sneezes, and more of a symbol of acquiescence to the totalitarian tip-toe. Give an inch and they'll slap you with a fine before taking a mile.

The risk from COVID-19 for the vast majority of people is so low that all this fear-mongering from the media allows for much easier application of instant government rules to pretty much any other minor concern that occurs, paving the way for broad house arrests whenever they see fit and for the most ridiculous of reasons. Wearing a mask tells TPTB that people are willing to accept greater and greater intrusions into their life and liberty, as long as they're told it's for something that massages their ego (like "saving lives" was designed to do). It's a visual indicator to separate the willing from the rebels, which makes it easier for them to know who to target with more domineering. Oppression by a thousand inconveniences, so to speak.

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It ofc depends on what country you are in and how much your government relies on lies and spin for for their power and the stupidity of their supporters and whether they fear loosing that power over it's people's lives. 

But if your country does have rising cases: 

Not wearing a mask will work for you fine up until you unknowingly sit down with someone who is shedding the shit in your space.

Better hope they at least are wearing a mask for your safety. Viral load does seem to effect outcome.

But if the shedder has taken the "greatly exaggerated" line then good luck.


Opening up appeals to the less risk adverse, more cavalier amongst us. Are these the right people to use as test cases for businesses to trial their covid-19 procedures?

Flights opening up and holidays are going the appeal to these less risk averse initially. Guinea pigs for the travel industry?

And when it starts to go wrong do we plough on or step back and lower confidence further.

Business owners will have ever increasing economic pressure brought to bare so what takes a back seat?  The world seems filled with morons these days, are you going to put your faith in every one of them that crosses your path?  


But it's not just a thing you may get and just one or two percent will die it can be the struggle to survive it and then the post viral effects that can be life changing.  If you get it at the wrong time and in the wrong place will you even get treatment to make it through?

Chances are you do get treated and survive but you've taken up the resources that could have been used on another. Take it up to a national level and the abject failures aren't in any position to aid the poorer countries and it won't be "over" until it's over everywhere.



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It turns out that the UK tracking of both COVID-19 cases and deaths was flawed in a fairly major way (which I've been saying for weeks, if not months). I was right all along, they really were counting figures where people had SUSPECTED cases (no tests) as COVID-19 deaths. The cause of death didn't have to be COVID-19, it didn't even need to be proved, it just had to be mentioned on the death certificate. It even counted people who had a so-called positive result, survived, carried on for months afterwards, and THEN died from something else. That's a COVID-19 death, according to the figures.

And to add insult to injury, it turns out that some of the testing was massively flawed in that it was detecting antibodies in patients that had caught a cold, and came out positive as a result for COVID-19... because what the test was looking for was present in any infection from the coronavirus family. So they got flooded with a bunch of "positives" because of how obviously common the common cold is, and assumed it was the supposed pandemic.

Something else is going on that's killing thousands of vulnerable elderly people, and I've yet to put all the pieces together into a watertight explanation (much like the official narrative with all its holes), but it's far from a scenario that should have warranted the kind of political, social, and economic reaction it did.

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At least the virus went away like a miracle in April because of warmer weather...

Edit: I love that he says in the same minute that their death rate to cases is lower than some countries, but also that they're testing at a much higher rate than other countries. He's inflating the cases figure to make the percentage of deaths look better than they are. I guess he knows most of his followers lack the intelligence to work out that what he's saying really is "if we were testing at the rate everyone else is, I'd be trying to ignore the deaths vs cases figure, just like I'm ignoring the total deaths figure, because it shows how badly I'm doing".

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I'm just astounded that someone though to give him a graph showing US vs The World and he couldn't even comprehend what that meant.

"We are doing better than the World" - Proof he is on another planet?

I can't deny it's the first true thing he's said during this. 

I see his aids were enquiring about a Mt Rushmore addition. No wonder he wants to fight for onerous monuments. But he had telegraphed this by having a rally there. He didn't go for the Blimp Trump that met him on his UK visit oddly. I'd have that flying above Mt Rushmore as a more accurate measure of US Presidents.  


But he is utterly convinced he is the greatest. No one is like him so no one could be better and it's his duty to prevent loosing at all cost. So the real danger is ahead.  Loosing can only mean he was cheated.

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The narrative is slowly unravelling to the normies. Figures so far have had to be reduced because of over-estimating supposed COVID-19 deaths, because they were counting people who died from anything no matter how long after they had the virus.

But it looks like they're taking it in baby steps to admit figures are still inflated. From now on, they'll only count deaths within 28 days of a positive lab result for the virus. Not people who have died from it, not even people who died with it but from something else. Nope, it's anyone who got a positive result and died within the month, cause of death regardless. Can't back track all at once, or people might realise they overreacted and will start questioning what really has been killing old people, i.e. government lockdowns.

No mention of what they're doing with suspected cases or those deaths where COVID-19 is mentioned in any capacity (which seems to be a large segment, based on what I've seen so far). I'll bet they're still counting them in addition.

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This article is a perfect example of how and why societal standards have fallen to the wayside. The author of the article proposes any decision made by a world leader (in this case a US President) has no obligation, responsibility or a consequence for failing meet the challenge of a national emergency. The foundation of his article stands on a choice of legality, or lack of, and totally ignores the demand of moral choices by a person leading a nation.

There are too many to mention where the founding fathers of the United States clearly state that the governance and the rule of law are not the sole domicile of legal standards, but based on moral standards. Saying the determination of what is right and wrong are only decided by what is legal and illegal does not align with the spirit of the documents produced by the initial creation of the United States. The author stands on the premise if it isn't illegal then there is no burden to bear for the consequence of action of inaction.

The article is in response to this.

Having read more of the excerpts in the Woodward book where @realDonaldTrump is on tape, I’ve concluded this is not just dereliction of duty by @POTUS. Trump repeatedly lied to the American people and that resulted in preventable deaths.

This is reckless homicide.#TrumpKnew https://t.co/c7SziWD3CK

— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) September 9, 2020

The author fails to recognize two things. Just because there is a claim to the words reckless homicide by legals standards does not mean the words were explicitly used in a legal context. The second is, Impeachment is not solely within the domain of legal standards. If it were Trump would already no longer be President.

The authors only saving grace is his last sentence.

"The remedy for that, though, exists at the ballot box or through impeachment, not in the courtroom."


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3 hours ago, Splay said:

The author of the article proposes any decision made by a world leader (in this case a US President) has no obligation, responsibility or a consequence for failing meet the challenge of a national emergency.

Then why have a President in the first place?  Obviously no court of law is going to convict Trump for homicide for lying and totally botching the covid response.  At best he could be impeached again for dereliction of duty and gross negligence.  That won't go anywhere either.  What's truly sad is it won't sway is base in any way shape or form.  They're so entrenched that Trump could kill their mother and shit in her mouth.  They'd suggest he must have had a very good reason, it was meant as sarcasm, or it's to make "libs heads explode."  Whatever gets them through the day.


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Gastro intestinal tract seems not to pass infection. VP negative. 

No one at the WH seems to be aware of the incubation period of two to ten days. They rush to get a test and think they are clear and troll out the same excuse for not wearing a mask.  I guess they are still afraid of Trump surviving and belittling them for being pussies.

I never thought anything could stop Trump tweeting - has to be serious or a new level of utter panic? 



To be a fly on the wall when Nancy Pelosi steps over the WH threshold, without invitation and despite an abundance of garlic, to take over.   

But I can't help think that he'll survive it and soon be telling his base that he's indestructible and double down again.





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On the periphery of Covid fallout. It seems directly or indirectly SSG has benefited from PPP. I posted somewhere on these forums SSG would apply for free money even though they didn't really need it. In light of the recent news where another company has bought DayBreak Games including SSG and their games. The promotional feeder to EG7 investors lists the financial information about SSG's revenue. https://www.enadglobal7.com/wp-conte...reak-Games.pdf

As of Sept 2020, for the year of 2020 SSG is listed as making $9.9 million. Collecting up to $1 million (PPP) of free money. SSG wasn't hurting for cash as they have always portrayed and yet SSG either on their own or through DBG jumped on the opportunity as soon as the money was available. The sad reality of the players saying SSG gave all the content for free over the summer because SSG was founded on heart felt respect to its players is even more laughable now this truth is undeniable.


FederalPay's PPP Information Policy

Paycheck Protection Loan data has been made public by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for private companies that received a PPP loan of $150,000 or over. All information displayed on this page is publicly available information under PPP loan guidelines, and is published unmodified, as provided by the SBA.



FederalPay.org PPP Loan Information — STANDING STONE GAMES LLC

SBA PPP loan data, payroll data, and salaries for


Business Type: Limited Liability Company(LLC)

Industry: Software Publishers

Location: SAN DIEGO, CA

tweet.png Tweet ThisSearch PPP Data

STANDING STONE GAMES LLC is a limited liability company(llc) located in San Diego, California that received a Coronavirus-related PPP loan from the SBA of at least $350,000.00 in April, 2020.

PPP Loan Information

Loan Size:

$350,000 to $1M

Jobs Retained:


Loan Approved:




STANDING STONE GAMES LLC received a Paycheck Protection Loan of between 350,000 and 1M through CIBC Bank USA, which was approved in April, 2020.


Based on standard PPP eligibility rules, STANDING STONE GAMES LLC's total 2019 payroll expenses were between $1.68M and $4.8M in order to qualify for the PPP loan amount received. Based on their reported 52 jobs retained, this equals an estimated average yearly compensation between $32,308 and $92,308 per employee1.


That money could have gone to a small business that actually suffered from the pandemic. Instead we get players who will defend their addiction like this ill conceived wad.



I just play LOTRO and have fun. I don’t give a damn what they do as a company.

The incognito Nymphonic alt forum account.

I find SSG and their sycophants absolutely disgusting.


I'm wondering what the position of EG7 and its investors would have knowing DBG and SSG collected free money as a result of a world wide pandemic when they actually increase their revenue during the same period instead of enduring a hardship. I can see some ethical issues


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