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53 minutes ago, Splay said:

The promotional feeder to EG7 investors lists the financial information about SSG's revenue. https://www.enadglobal7.com/wp-conte...reak-Games.pdf

As of Sept 2020, for the year of 2020 SSG is listed as making $9.9 million. Collecting up to $1 million (PPP) of free money. SSG wasn't hurting for cash as they have always portrayed and yet SSG either on their own or through DBG jumped on the opportunity as soon as the money was available. The sad reality of the players saying SSG gave all the content for free over the summer because SSG was founded on heart felt respect to its players is even more laughable now this truth is undeniable.


Loan Size: $350,000 to $1M

That money could have gone to a small business that actually suffered from the pandemic. Instead we get players who will defend their addiction like this ill conceived wad.

I'm wondering what the position of EG7 and its investors would have knowing DBG and SSG collected free money as a result of a world wide pandemic when they actually increase their revenue during the same period instead of enduring a hardship. I can see some ethical issues

Turbine/SSG has always benefited from being purposefully vague, esp. because it led the defenders to preach about 'protecting the existence of the game'. Example: 'I bought the most expensive expansion because the company needs money'. Cognitive dissonance. They really used the division they created within the player base to their advantage.

Many never understood that Marketing wasn't making 'dumb choices' but (experimenting with) profitable ones.

I wonder how often people behind Turbine/SSG have laughed their asses off over the years.

There is a distinct difference between making a fun game that people want to support and creating a game as a means to make as much money as you can wring out of folks. Their ethics are not my ethics. However, didn't Nietzsche write in Beyond Good and Evil that what is 'good' in the eyes of the masses is something different from what is 'good' in the eyes of the rich? Turbine/SSG will think it is doing stuff right = being ethical. Just as they think that applying for that loan is ethical.

In Canada we have many long term care homes, where many old people died, that applied for government support and then funneled half of the tens of millions they received into dividends for their shareholders. That money didn't go to the workers and it didn't go to improving services/better protection.

I can see EG7 and its investors being delighted with free government handouts. I also know that in Canadian families with 6 figure incomes that didn't take a hit this year, second earners who were laid off etc. applied for government support because 'they could'. The government failed to put an upper limit on combined household income to qualify for that support. Just as the USA government failed to have companies 'show them the numbers' before they were approved. It's even more interesting... SSG giving away its content for free saw indeed a dip in revenue from content sales? Does that justify the loan then?...

In this respect, this world, including our beloved fictional gaming worlds, can be (or rather: is) a very rotten place.



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