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I would say she'd be learning at the same rate a new player would be, but from what people have previously linked here, she doesn't actually learn. There used to be players who would create perfect rotations and use the exact perfect gear for each specifically calculated build. Min/maxing to the point where they could take on group content for the fun of it.

Oh well, good luck to her. Maybe she needs another boiler fixed.

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Yeah I posted this elsewhere on the 3rd March after taking a look at lesson 1. I could NOT take another one. 


"Professor (teacher) what have you" Druidsfire has her first rambling class completed.

Their were some facts about the game and the history leading to SSG. Even some "insider" lines fed to her by SSG. That the pay checks/cheques come from Daybreak yet no one knows who owns SSG seems to be still beyond her. There was a huge Passive/Aggressive moment when she looked into the camera and told the audience "we won't judge you for playing free to play".  She did promote her fellow streamers ofc including Big Ed who she still refers to as a F2P not the premium player he is. When you only have a tiny pool of talentless streamers to compare how are you to know how much you suck?

Hasn't she lead enough n00bs up the creek with her ideas on how to play? Turned into the usual SSG and self promotion spiel.

If you're forking out dollars for classes in this seat of "learning" then you are ripe for SSG to get their claws into you.





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