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Chinese Trifecta play: "Hong Kong" "Lhadakh" "Tiawan"

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China has not let the virus pandemonium go to waste.

China has moved to take away Hong Kong's autonomy

the above was only a matter of time, China has legitimate claim to Hong Kong.  but if that were simply the only play...  it is not.


China builds up military air base on Indian border at Ladakh in the Kashmir

how many days before the killing begins here?  this is China second play and it happened almost in tandem with the move shift in Hong Kong.


and now with riots and chaos spreading across the US...  how long does Chinas recent testing of the waters with military exercises around Tiawan turn from cold aggression to hot conflict?



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2 minutes ago, Splay said:

It's up to Canada to save the world. :P

yeah no...  Toronto will likely try some solidarity fires shortly.  Montreal may also start some solidarity fires.

Canada ruffling Chinas feathers only goes about this far...


Canada can't even get 2 diplomats returned safely...  this country is a joke.

that said...  foreign money is spent North of the 49th in buying up real estate and laundering money.  Canada left wing doesn't have remotely the same kind of funding  as its southern counterparts.  so that solidarity burning is slow to uptake, if at all.  and the powers that be up here don't want to mix social distancing messages.  so also chances that messaging will continue in that direction with no property damaged by peaceful protestors looting & burning shit.

China will fuck with Canada on its own terms and time.  right now you state siders are the bigger prize.  cause you actually can do something militarily if China goes in on India and Taiwan.

Canada can't do shit.  in fact, unwittingly Canada is more likely to do Chinas bidding currently.

we would not be the only round eyes collectively guilty of such.  ;P

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Right.. and done with this conspiracy theory bullshit. If you want to discuss the tensions at the Chino-Indian border, feel free to open a new topic. Without bringing up the protests in the US over the murder of a restrained black man by a man with a badge this time. Without linking it to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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