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LOTRO and Linux/Unix/Wine/Mac, PyLOTRO

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On the official forums the threads about running on Linux often fall victim to being closed as general "no workie!" threads without the moderator realizing that they are about Linux or Mac. So I hope this can be a more permanent place.

Status of RoI on Unix and Mac:

Good news:

RoI still works in wine.

There are two potential problems:

1) the patcher doesn't handle not reaching the patch server, or being disconnected, very well at all. An abort of the patcher in the Linux/Mac frontends will simply go on and try to run with the unupdated client files. You will get an error message saying your client is out of date. Don't do that. Make sure that the patching went through without error messages such as "connection error" or "timeout". A certain amount of other text garbage output is unfortunately normal. Be aware that if you end up patching lotroclient.exe but time out before updating the other files you might be able to get in (you don't get kicked out with the detected version mismatch) but you will crash later.

You can run the updater manually using these commands. The first line is double to catch the situation of the updater updating itself. Replace "english" with other languages as needed.

cd <your_lotro_directory>

wine rundll32.exe PatchClient,Patch patch.lotro.com:80 --highres --filesonly --language english --productcode LOTRO

wine rundll32.exe PatchClient,Patch patch.lotro.com:80 --highres --filesonly --language english --productcode LOTRO

wine rundll32.exe PatchClient,Patch patch.lotro.com:80 --highres --dataonly --language english --productcode LOTRO

2) an update runtime of C++ might be required. Some people had to re-run the "winetricks" commands to update shared libraries with the newest one from Microsoft. The error symptoms here are simply hangs in black windows. I didn't need to update them, mine are about a year old.

Hope this is useful. I'll try to keep this first post up to date as issues come up.

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