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The Blind Leading The Blind

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Id guess Turbine have had their Lawyers study the EULA VERY carefully indeed before they switched to f2p.

Do I consider Turbine to be honouring the lifetime agreement with me I made with them via CM in 2007?


Maybe the lawyers did... and that is why they recommended the more conservative 'hybrid model' approach :)

The problem with the hybrid model is that there is a line to it and Turbine wanted to nudge over the line a little thinking they could get away with it... and they did... so they pushed some more... and still got away with it. From there its just a matter of escalation. Just a potential theory as I think if they had stuck to the hybrid model then they would have had limitations in place which are inconvenient to maximising profit potential via the MT model.

Do I believe the above to be the case? I don't know really. I get the feeling they planned the store and game changes that we are seeing now as far back as a year ago and the gradualness (which I think has been a bit fast to be called gradual) is just to only push so far at a time and allow players who don't like it to trickle out rather than leave en masse and for those who stay to adjust steadily over time and resign themselves to this F2P model.

Thanks for the link about crafting, its another example to support Turbine actively taking things out of gameplay and adding to store. Will now go read more of the thread and look for Jack's post... it sounds like it will have entertainment value :)

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