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Rohan Housing is Here!


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Apparently you CAN go too far defending SSG/LotRO. Out of all my recent posts, apparently these ones crossed the line.



Someone said: "Let's just keep it to the facts, the increased monetization of this game is a clear sign of its decline, so is the overall quality. A healthy game doesnt need to charge unreasonable amounts of money for literally everything."

I responded with: "That's not a fact, that's your opinion, and I disagree entirely."

They then said: "This is not an opinon, numbers dont lie."

With my response being: "Of course it's an opinion, you don't have any actual numbers beyond speculation, and speculation doesn't correlate to quality, either."


Poof, both of my posts in that context gone. Theirs are still up, obviously. NO, BAD DORO, NO SAYING IT'S AN OPINION TO DISLIKE THE GAME OR THINK IT'S COLLAPSING! Seems like Cordovan acknowledges the game is shit now.

I also lost a post made a little while after, breaking down what features the Rohan housing had in SSG's defence. I guess they admit they fucked up on the monetisation as well, it was an underhanded move to try to box people in to paying more for an advertised feature.


Remember, guys, as much as you might want to defend SSG/LotRO from the truth, there are some truths that are too accurate to defend!

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Its not even really what is said. Its more how much and how many bitch to Cordoban. His only goal being the CM is to do less work as possible.

Meanwhile a shit stain like Nymphonic (DavidmeetHal account) can attack players who seldom post and scream NECRO! At the same time in follow up posts admits to violating the rules.


No, it's because he acted like a total entitled person, demanding to know why something in a game hasn't been done yet. There have been many cases where someone has explained that they searched and an old thread was all they came up with, and that is fine. I have no issues with that. Hell, I've done it.

But necroing an 11 year old thread and demanding an answer like he is entitled to one? Damn straight I called out his necro.


I used to think there was some serious duality, bi-polar shit going on inside of SSG. However over time it looks more like schizophrenia not just in CM moderation but the whole SSG crew in general. It kinda makes government work look legit and sensible.


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37 minutes ago, Splay said:

Its not even really what is said. Its more how much and how many bitch to Cordoban. His only goal being the CM is to do less work as possible.

That's even funnier, because that means even the addicted whales over there now believe it's a fact LotRO is at its worst state yet. Otherwise, why report something they should agree with? They don't know what to feel any more.


And yeah, that cunt in the Skirts thread has a major ego problem. Back-seat moderation still going strong over there.

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Took a snapshot of Evernight /World chat loging off tonight. Edited out the names and swearing and all the non English and Instances/trade calls. Can't have any cussing for you delicate lot ;)

### Chat Capture: General 08/09 10:04 PM ###
 'what the hell is wrong with ssg and their servers'
 'the hamster isnt getting food'
 'nothing wrong this end - have you check your own settings?'
 'Mine is fine too'
 'i thought they'd upgraded to a guinea pig'
 'loading screens not progressing again'
 'ah that happens to me all the time on login'
 'the server is leaking for the past few days'
 'I had one stuck loading screen an hour ago'
 'after this much time that is called a game feature'
'that problem never went away. it's load-related. never see it on, for example, Gladden'
'13 years and still these kind of issues....'
 '13 years of sorrow and you still can't bring yourself to leave'
 'maybe it's that you like the issues so you have something to complain about?'
 'Atleast my game doesnt crash if I use too many swift travel horses in a row xD'
'said nothing about 13 years of sorrow though you are not wrong'
 'I like to complain when things go to #### for 13 years'
 'You keep giving them money if it works for you'
'i would like to lodge a complaint about the people complaining about the complainer'
 'but ................you're the one complaining while playing and paying for the game?'
'I'm here because it's lord of the rings, couldn't care less about the company'
'glad to say Im not paying'
 'what difference would it make? it's not like they put any of that money towards better infrastructure anyways'
 'if you know how to read, I didn't say the game itself sucks but the server infrastructure'
'quite amazing how there are still people in the game who refuse to acknowledge the existence and severity of issues present'
'XXXXX are you a bot of cordovan'
 'quite amazing how there are still people in the game complaining about how unplayable it is but still playing it'
'lol, you think Cordovan ever comes near this game?>'
'we pay for this game we have the right to cry abaut it'
'it's not the players job to leave the game. how about it being the company's job to fix the servers after 13 years?'
'Why would they if people play anyways?'
'that's thje worst excuse ever - I pay for the game so I can complain - the best complaint you can make is to take your business elsewhere - no-one in the in0game chat gives a #### about your issues'
'Xxxx I can imagine ssg thinking that'
'which is pretty bad'
'It's exactly what they think "D'
'all you do here is fill the chat with your bile while nothing will ever get fixed'
'Same with Blizzard any any other big company'
 'go complain to the people who can actually do something about it'
 'you seem to give a #### because you replied and keep hammering your #### to me'



Just incase some of you miss lotro /wd chat

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15 minutes ago, Macdui101 said:

Just incase some of you miss lotro /wd chat...

'it's not the players job to leave the game. how about it being the company's job to fix the servers after 13 years?'

^^that particular line caught my attention.  y'know...if you (in general) are still playing the game 13 years in and the servers are still fucked...well, maybe it is the players "job" to leave the game.


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This made me laugh (from the 27.3.1patch notes):

News and Notes


  • Property Guards will no longer attack cosmetic pet housing decorations.


I'd laugh even harder if those pet housing decorations got permadeath, particularly the ones discussed above. Imagine the faces of the whales upon discovering that their Marigold killed their whole stable while they were offline.


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On 8/6/2020 at 7:17 AM, Doro said:

Whoever made that thread sounds like a silly billy. Literally asking to spend more money by getting pet emotes? Fanboys never cease to amaze me.

I'm sure there a people who get arrested and ask to be placed in the rapiest cell block.  It takes all kinds.

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