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Overdue Mention


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It's been nearly half-a-year now, and I want to give my thanks and appreciation to MueR and his moderating team for maintaining this set of forums to preserve the EU/Codies community that I have the privilege to interact with (being a heathen Yank and all ;) ). The convos here - even concerning mundane topics of gameplay - have often been polite, well-moderated and informative, which is a marked difference from the game forums I had to rely on previously.

Since the establishment of the forums, its members have multiplied remarkably in only a five-month span. Looking through the archived Codies LOTRO forums, I can recall to mind when it was a great thing to have 100 members; now, there are over 1,700. It is my hope that we can continue to have a vibrant and increasing number of members here. Thanks again.

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Thank you :)

Some more statistics for those who like those kinds of things:

- We're averaging around 1,100 unique visitors per day.

- We have about 200,000 pageviews per month

- Even today, about 35% of our visitors are first-time visitors.

- A total of 718 users have met the Banhammer

- Of these 718, only 1 was a genuine member, the rest were spammers.

- 778 topics have been posted, 18 of which have been deleted (mainly due to spam)

- The German users are responsible for about two-thirds of the visits.

- The British follow second at about 10%, the US with about 7%.

- 55% of you are using Mozilla Firefox, IE takes 23%, Chrome is third with 12.5%

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Is it really already that long since this forum was created? :O Time flies...

I'm still thankful to have this place, and I still come here daily. Always interesting news and discussions to read.

Thanks a lot to Muer for this place!

And also thanks a lot to all the moderators for keeping it such a great place! :+

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I want also to express my gratitude to all people who maintaining these forums.

Indeed I would be desperate if this forum didn't exist.

CM had spoiled us with the way they used to run the forum and I am not accustomed to participate on forums where my opinion must be either positive or none. Also their forums are not very linux friendly and that is causing me trouble whenever trying to visit them.

It is true the English section is a bit quiet but this is natural. there are issues which must be a posted on official site in order to be addressed. and that makes the bulk of their post.

This is the final resort for many people who come here just to blow steam...

So I treat these forums more or less as my main forums and I wish that content will grow further.

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