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Seriously, trying to get into your pocket for $20/59/99....

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Dismantling their game's community has long been a manager pet project passed along to each new EP. PvMP is a good example. Passive avoidance and silence while letting systems harboring player loyalties march their way to the graveyard. Replaced by insta-gratification systems which intentionally inherit monetization structures. I'd guess every time SSG reads on their forums where a player says buying the Life Time was the best money they ever spent on gaming is a likely good source for the motivation to disenfranchise the non profiting portion of their playerbase. The F2P model has served its purpose and now those converted VIP players turned Premium are likely not yielding any significant revenue as compared to the transient nature of today's newer MMO player much as you describe above. Short on time. Short on memory. Willing to pay for an instant like/P2W button.

Its like SSG wants the cake and eats it too. Players pay SSG to have their party. While the players clean up after the party, and call it fun. That's some real psycho-manipulation if it works out. Perhaps one day gaming companies will be able to advertise a new MMO and say "shut up and give us your money" and have droves of zombies arise from the dead with a fist full of cash in hand. Oh wait...

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