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A new class? Brawler??

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5 hours ago, warspeech said:

$150 Ultimate version incoming...

The Ultimate Gundabad Bundle package. $300

Package includes Gundabad Expansion,

Race change

New Brawler class

War Pig

5 Anti-lag tokens

1 hour ago, Doro said:

You're welcome!


And all those pearl-clutchers over there were acting like a Brawler would be impossible.

I remember that thread. SSG hopes memories are short. That way SSG can claim idea origin. I'll keep watch of the current thread to see if SSG jumps in the thread. Then link that thread to say umm ya it wasn't SSG's idea.

Radhruin is gonna be shitting out bent rusty nails. The howling will be excruciatingly loud from him if indeed a new Brawler class introduction is approaching.

SSG has been placing plot discussion devices ever since they had taken over from Turbine. I see it as their way of finding suggestion input without ever having to ask directly. They put the Brawler class in the list and then keep an eye on the winds of forum discussion to see which way it blows. Its kinda sneaky cowardice that allows them to disavow any idea as a an honest mistake if it tanks.

The part of this whole approach that makes me smile is how none of the dumb asses who play and read the forums for years have never make the connection.

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Damn well guaranteed to have been pilfered out of Doro's post.

Lotro o-forum forecast: a pronounced increase in shill activity in repeated attempts to generate public "excitement" from the ground up.
Releasing Three Peaks bundle prices without any details, and releasing new Bullroarer build without Three-Peaks-specific details (patch notes do actually say "coming soon") is a stroke of marketing genius not dissimilar to a narcissist's psychological mind game vis a vis attracting fresh victims: be emotionally unavailable while dispensing bread crumbs and they'll be hooked. The funny part is the same trick works the same way on the narcissist: what a predominant majority of Lotro o-forum posters in fact are.

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1 hour ago, Splay said:

Radhruin is gonna be shitting out bent rusty nails. The howling will be excruciatingly loud from him if indeed a new Brawler class introduction is approaching.

Always fun to see that waste of flesh spat at in the face with every new update that doesn't give two shits about his misplaced arrogance. Boars were good, but Brawlers? Wtf I love SSG now. If they could add flying mounts now, I might just be convinced to actually give them money for it.

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The OF thread is a shit show.  You know your game is in the toilet if players area actually pissed off that a new class might be in the works instead of the developers fixing the myriad of existing issues that continue to fuck the game.

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Cordovan responds


"I mean I posted in the thread. smile.png Obviously you've all seen something we weren't quite ready to talk about, but we'll have more information in the near future. Just to make sure people are aware, this is not something that would be coming to War of Three Peaks."

Well, there it is. The repeating cycle of professed ignorance. While at the same time leaving enough of a carrot for the rabbits to sniff something is still in the garden. I imagine at some point SSG will figure out everyone knows the cat will get out of the bag somewhere, sometime. Its like that guy who always makes the same first chess move like its his very first time and still thinks no one will ever figure out his strategy. Predictability is quite boring.

What is going to be worth a laugh is when the time comes to tally up their non-survey, survey is when its finally revealed more post in the thread are from SSG employees shilling for the cause than actual players posting. LotRO forums, the echo chamber for job security.

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Friend of mine was digging through DAT files because he's autistic like that and also found reference to "shaman" class... Though only once (likely variables from DDO stuff). The "Brawler" class that everyone is talking about is likely a placeholder name... But who knows? SSG have proven of late that they aren't very creative with names (pretty much all the places in the North areas of late are literally translated Norwegian names for example).


We had a chat about it... The fact that the bullroarer 'leaked' info about it... I honestly think this wasn't an intentional slip to drum up excitement but rather down to sheer incompetence to keep their own shit secret until it should be announced... However ofc this works in their favour

'because despite the hundreds of people who would rather have dev resources put into actual class balance, there are going to be very vocal hype people who are just excited for a new class regardless. Many of these people play casually and don't really seem to care about the quality of the game as a whole. Just so long as they're fed shiny new selling points.

PS: Boar mounts look absolutely horrible. One of the worst things I've ever seen in the game to date. I shit you not. 

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