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Thanks to my mum being left some money and wanting to cheer me up (long story short DWP are screwing me out of my PIP which is my car and lifeline and the took it by twisting and lying about the whole interview) she has got me an amazing gaming laptop but that isn't what is funny (it is now I have sorted it after a day and evening of pain trying to sit and sorting it)

It has a RTX 2080 Super but when I went on LotRO I was getting 20 FPS on top settings. This was after managing to sort out the problem of not loading due to no Direct X9 then only showing Direct X9 in the settings) so I reformatted and downloaded everything twice and had the same issue. Then a kind soul in chat sorted it. It was using for some stupid reason the on board tiny Intel GFX card not the beast! Now I am a happy chap as getting 250-300 FPS on ultra, just need to be in bed all day now from sitting on my painful bit all day!



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