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The Release Notes for Bullroarer Update 28.3 - Preview #1 includes these gems:

  • Scrolls of Empowerment from the Rangers of Ithilien Quartermaster now cap at max-tier 35.
  • Scrolls of Empowerment from the Dol Amroth Quartermaster now cap at max-tier 35.
  • Scrolls of Empowerment from Narnaith in Minas Tirith now Cap at max-tier 44.
  • The quest "March on Gundabad: Additional Steps (Daily)" now awards 2 Scrolls of Empowerment with a max-tier cap of 83.
  • The quest "The War Effort: Threats to the Battlefield" now awards 3 Scrolls of Empowerment with a max-tier cap of 83.
  • Note: These changes will not affect items that are already in the player's possession, be they in the inventory, vault storage, housing storage, mail, or elsewhere.
  • Tradeable, unbound reputation granting tokens now have appropriate region quests gating their usage.
  • Small Reputation Accelerator Tomes offered on Skirmish Vendors now Bind to character on acquire and have a Max Usage Level of 100.

So no more grinding the Minas Tirith dailies to get SoEs. And there seems to be relatively few chances to get SoEs from the current end-game content. It seems the only way to get them is to grind  one or two a week or buy the scrolls from the store (or using Mithril).

Plus, the change to the reputation accelerators means that end-game reputation becomes that much more of a grind (unless, of course, you buy the large ones from the store).

I haven't been playing the game much lately, but have been putting off cancelling my subscription because I still love it. But I just logged on and cancelled.

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They kinda stepped back. The only change for Rep Tomes is that they'll now bind to account. Also, they increased sources for SoEs. BUT the main source of top tier SoEs (80-83) will be behind a paywall, either you buy their latest dismal "miniexpansion" and grind them there or get them straight from the cash shop. Apparently you'll still be able to get all-tier SoEs through bartering / RNG from a number of sources, but I bet they'll fix the odds in their favor and raise the number of required barter items.

Communication of all these has been as heavy-handed as expected. Someone at the OF correctly spotted the bad cop (Cordoban) / good cop (Tybur) routine. Too late for them as the few media that still give a bother about Lotro (namely MassivelyOP) already posted what they thought of their moves and they are not that encouraging. Not that SSG will give a damn, they already won the "biggest MMO blunder of 2020" award in December and yet they proceeded with this POS.

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We'll see if they change the barter cost for Ancient Ithil Coins from Throne T2, Roving Threats or straight Marks/Medallions. I've found Gondor dailies not worth the time/effort and haven't done them in months. I haven't heard (yet) of any changes there on Bullroarer.

Currently, you need about 35ish scrolls per legacy you want to max. All but the last 9, so 3/4 overall, can be bartered with Embers/Motes.

The SoE thing, while theoretically bad, will have small impact, imo. The change did get me to cash in lots of coins I had sitting on several toons, netting me about 60 scrolls.

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