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More new servers??

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Just saw an ad on FB for 2 new "Legendary" servers.  Anybody know the difference between these servers and the last "Legendary" servers besides the option to scale difficulty and one advancing faster than the other? Assuming its basically like the last 2 with some tweaks

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no, only difference is lvl'ing speed and difficulty-lvl --> which also has it's effect on lvl'ing speed

So if you want to play slow, but also play on high difficulty, you go fast-slow ;)

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There introduced 2 new Legendary Servers:

  • Treebeard, which is designed for slow leveling. The amount of XP you receive for completing quests, killing MoBs, and doing other things is reduced. The xpacs will be applied every 4-6 months.
  • Shadowfax, which is designed for fast leveling. You get normal XP, and the xpacs will be applied every 2 months

Both servers have a new mechanic that allows you to set the difficulty of the landscape. There are something like 10 levels of difficulty. You also periodically get the Eye of Sauron debuff that increases the amount of damage you take.

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The deadliest difficulty is indeed deadly. My duo was slaughtered by a shrew just outside Michel Delving. We swapped to merely Deadly which works better for us.

I think Deadly+6 can work as a fellowship thing but at lowest levels it is difficult to control aggro well.

Treebeard server gives only 40% XP but Deadly adds 20%. Kinda defeats the purpose. Still, as solo in Ered Luin, I had to do both Elf and Dwarf starter areas to be able to do even some of the level 10-12 quests.

As for Shadowfax, there's no appeal there for me. You can already zoom level and skip whole areas. I'd rather do most of the content to level, somewhat like back in the day 

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My wife and I actually gave it a shot. We started on Treebeard Deadly +2.  While this may be fun with a fully geared character, with level 11 new characters it turns every landscape mob into a fight to survive and quickly lost it's appeal. Next weekend we will tone it down a bit and give it another go. Wiping on a wolf in Archet wasn't fun at all

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