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Producer F-bomb during Cord of the Rings.


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34:20 - 35:09  In this 29 seconds the LotRO Producer on a live stream slips up with a F-bomb. Then admits he has a filthy mouth and needs to work on it. Then Cordovan jumps in and basically says profanity is expected because they reside in the Boston area and everyone swears. So much so he adds and his opinion states "It is almost taught in elementary schools".


I can't help but to wonder what their new overlords (EG7) think about this environment propagated by SSG who markets a game to children 12 and up. Also what would the residents of Boston think about a man who fronts a video game based in Boston. I am sure the Boston Herald would run this through the coals if they found out.

What I found interesting about these 29 seconds is that not one person who viewed this live, never once mentioned anything about it. But, ofc those who watch it on the regular are the most devoted victims SSG has.


By the way, why is Cordovan always stoned on pot during his live streams? Does he think no one can tell? The fuckin guy is baked while promoting a game for children and up. The legality of the subject carries no bearing on the matter. Only a dumbfuck would think that's good PR.

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Lol. You must be like 8 years old if you even notice the f word let alone make a lengthy thread about it. This whole thing looks like an 8 year old neighbour kid yelling "he said poop!" 

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I think it's enough for followers to be there basking in the close association with the team and Cord in particular, can't be actually listening to things of important they don't have a clue about. The rest of us were fine with someone breaking the normal squeaky clean spin narrative we get every other stream. 

Cord thinking their twitch community is the life blood would help if it wasn't the bunch of narcist hangers on he's let Druidsfire assemble.



P.S. Even Blud's gone overboard with his head up his arse of late. And the guy that was called PositivelyEvil with a array of caps has his room light up with new subs. But what can you do when the content is Lotro, hang up some bunting by all means!




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